Friday, January 7, 2011

Irish Style Evening

Today the Shlafly Extra Stout will hit some of the bigger Missouri liquor stores and is well worth picking up so you can do some damage Irish Style. I'm getting ready to put on my Southie Tuxedo to pick some ip with Irish style. I already have plans for my sixer tonight.

I'm going to throw darts at pictures of David Beckham while I drink my first bottle. Irish Style!

With the second bottle I'm going to punch a Protestant. Irish Style!

With the third bottle I'm going to punch a Catholic. Irish Style!

With the fourth bottle I'm going to do find a Scotsman and lift his kilt. Irish Style!

On the fifth bottle I'm going to watch "The Town" and root for the bank robbers. Irish Style!

After the sixth bottle I'm going to fall asleep in the street. Irish Style!

With the Schlafly Imperial Pilsner, Extra Stout and Cybil Stone (No. 15) still on shelves (if you see No. 15 make sure to add it to OnTapKC) you can make it a Schlafly weekend.


  1. No Irish Style but I am 3 deep in my four pack of Founders Double Trouble (which just came out and is underrated).

  2. I'll give it a shot but I tend to find that most Founders beers are overrated.

  3. Over rated or you just don't like them? They are producing some fine beer.

  4. My Roeland Park liquor store is carrying a new Irish beer called Legbiter Ale. It's put out by the Stragford Lough Brewing Company out of Ireland, but apparently the beer is mashed in Ireland and then brewed in the U.S. It pours a brownish amber but would be closest in taste to an English Pale Ale. It's not going to blow you away in flavor, but is more interesting than similar price brews. A definite session beer at 4.8%, it is retailing for $3.99 -- cheaper than most domestics. Worth a try I think.

  5. Chimpotle is correct Stragford Lough is a lie! And session beer by definition can not be 4.8%
    - Ding

  6. Mashed in Ireland, brewed here? Uhhhh...Not likely, unless they have a supersonic mash tun plane.

  7. The only thing Stragford Lough has for itself is a set of spamariffic salesmen less reliable than Nigerian bankers. I think they may have just started comment spam. If you're going to comment about Stragford Lough, leave some sort of name, not anonymous. If not, you will be ignored.