Why the Feds Banned Four Loko

I have no love for Four Loko. I wouldn't drink it if offered and I certainly won't buy it. I don't buy a lot of things. But, I don't think those things I don't like should be illegal. Sure, you say, but Four Loko's dangerous. But, there's no real evidence of that, just anecdotal. If the FDA can ban a product based on anecdotal evidence, they can ban anything. If a bunch of dumbass kids abuse Pliny the Elder or any of my list of badass beers, the precedent's been set and the FDA can ban high alcohol beers.

Red Bull and vodka, Irish coffee, rum and coke, etc. all share the same characteristics of Four Loko (with the exception of actually tasting good), they could be on the banned list in 2011. All it takes is some college party where a couple of kids abuse the hell out of liquor and the FDA and Chuck Schumer will swoop in to protect us all. For 2011, my new year's wish is that we quit rolling over and allowing the government to ban things.

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