Deschutes in Missouri Soon?

Ahh, intrigue. The story goes, a Deschutes sales rep was enjoying a pint at a beer bar in St. Louis, the International Tap House in Soulard. The rep then left behind a business card on which he had written "Coming to Missouri soon!". And yes, he did actually use the exclamation mark.

A picture of this business card immediately found its way onto Twitter along with rampant speculation about when it would show up. The official word from Deschutes, as reported by Evan Benn of, is "'We are planning on expanding your way, but there is no date set yet.". So there you go.

Since a brewer to brewer collaboration with Steven Pauwels of Boulevard and the head brewer of Deschutes is widely rumored and likely to come out in 2011, distribution to Missouri would be a nice bit of synergy with the collaboration. Not that Deschutes needs much extra publicity when coming into Missouri, because it's wonderful and well known brewery. It will be a welcome change to go to a Missouri liquor store and be able to purchase some Black Butte Porter or Obsidian Stout.

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