Boulevard Elbow Chocolate Ale

Boulevard announced today that they've just brewed up a batch of beer in collaboration with Christopher Elbow. Their tweet was as fully detailed as 140 characters could be, which is to say... not at all. Not that you should expect a whole lot of information from their official Twitter account, it seems like a poor public relations intern is forced at gunpoint to write something for it every few days. As vague as it is, it's still an announcement that Boulevard is brewing a chocolate beer, which is pretty cool.

The KC Star Economy Blog has a little more detail regarding the beer, saying it'll be a "Chocolate Ale" and not a stout or porter. I'd heard a little while back that the brewers thought there were already enough chocolate stouts and porters on the market so they wanted to do something different. No one, as of yet, has commented officially as to what the base style of this Chocolate Ale will be. If I had to guess I'd say it might be a bock, quad or dubbel. Boulevard has production quad and bock recipes they could tweak a little to bring up the alcohol and just add a little chocolate. Elbow has already used the Sixth Glass in his ice cream at Glacé so that might be the safest bet. We know Boulevard has had a dubbel in the works for quite some time and it's a style that is dark enough and rich enough for a nice chocolaty Valentine's Day treat. Then again it could be a chocolate Unfiltered Wheat...

The only concrete info we have about the Chocolate Ale right now is that no Elbow chocolate was harmed in the production of this beer, he was only along for flavor consulting, and that the Chocolate Ale will be out in time for Valentine's this coming February. It'll be a limited release Smokestack beer so be prepared to shell out $11.99 when, and if, you can find it.

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