KC Irish Fest

The time is upon us again, KC Irish Fest. This is many people's favorite festival of the year and a must attend at least once in your time in KC. I say that, but I've never been and I'm not going again. My only reason is that they insist on calling KC "cowtown". KC is not "cowtown". Cowtown is a Wichita tourist attraction (like Old Shawnee that we used to get dragged to every year for school field trips). It always annoys me when KC people call KC Cowtown. I prefer the Weston Irish Fest for my Irishing.

But, for those of you desperately seeking Amber, the Irish Fest is the only place in KC you'll be able to get it on tap. So if I absolutely positively had to get some Boulevard Amber I would venture down to Crown Center (buy your tickets in advance at Hy-Vee for $10) and get some. If you don't want to be near that many Irish folks you can drive up to German, Polish and Czech dominated Omaha and find Amber on tap. Those are your choices for Amber on tap this weekend.

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