Boulevard Amber, Not Just for Omaha Anymore

Boulevard Amber Ale is coming to a tap near you as early as this weekend(Update: Amber will be available mid-September). Amber was only previously available in Omaha and Lincoln because of their mass consumption of Fat Tire. Sure you could get it in the wonderful Boulevard variety pack but that's not like drinking it from a nice pint glass in one of Kansas City's finest drinking establishments.

While amber is not my favorite style of beer, nor even one I seek out, Boulevard Amber is a damn fine specimen. In our Boulevard v. Odell showdown Boulevard Amber dominated with a unanimous victory. Boulevard Amber also makes Fat Tire taste like Busch in comparison. It should be quite the popular tap for KC bars to have, rivaling only Pale Ale and Wheat in popularity. Amber is also being bottled and should be available in six pack form in mid-September.

So won't you be dears and let us know in comments where you're seeing Boulevard Amber on tap. I'm sure if you play your cards right Paul A. Ner might even come by and join you in downing Boulevard's newest offering.

Update: The fine folks at Boulevard are saying that Amber will not be on tap until mid-September, the same time as six pack bottles will be released.

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