Scenes from Flying Saucer Fall Fest

"What time is it?"
"Not many people over there yet"
"Let's grab lunch"
"There's Paul A. Ner"
"What up dick?"
"Whatcha drinkin?"
"Avery 17"
"How is it?"
"Can we get tasters of the Mikkeler It's Alive?"
"Wow, that's good, I'll have a full one and a slice of goat cheese pizza"
"I expected a bigger crowd"
"It's still early"
"This pizza's good"
"Shouldn't have started the day with such a big beer but it was so Belgiany funky with some honey sweet and citrus I couldn't not have it"
"Let's head over"
"What are you starting with?"
"Avery Kaiser, you?"
"How's the Kaiser?
"A bit of a disappointment, Sofie?"
"I really like it with cheese, it's not the same without cheese"
"I'm getting one anyway"
"You Briggs?"
"Yes, and you are?"
"Bull E. Vard"
"Hey, nice to finally meet you. Nice shirt (I was wearing a Schlafly shirt and Briggs is the Schlafly guy in KC)"
"It was my only clean beer shirt"
"Because you don't ever wear it?"
"No, just because I hadn't worn it yet"
"Paul A. Ner is across the street"
"I know, we had lunch with him"
"Whatcha drinkin?"
"I really like that"
"I like how it sits on the tongue and sparkles"
"It's like champagne in that way, have you had the Schlafly yet, we only have one keg?"
"Not yet, working my way up"
"Bad news for you, No. 15 is going away, probably end of December"
"That's heartbreaking, that's one I try to sell people on all the time"
"It's popular in KC, but KC is such a small percentage of sales, we couldn't keep it"
"That's a great beer, sad to see it go"
"We're going with 2 seasonals all the time, so plenty of new stuff will be coming out all the time"
"That's one of those things I like about Schlafly, they do so much each year"
"No one does more, you going to GABF?"
"You coming to Hop in the City in St. Louis?"
"Well it's next weekend too and we have everything Schlafly produced in the past year, it's all Schlafly, but it's a lot of stuff"
"That sound like a good time"
"You should hit up McCoy's on Monday, we're tapping a cask of [Schlafly] India Brown Ale, it won't last too long. Uh-oh, here come trouble"
"Oh no, it's the hockey jersey, I'm going to get another beer"

"Whatcha drinkin?"
"Schlafly [Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout]"
"How is it?"
"I don't like barrel aged beers normally, but this one is quite tasty, just the right amount of bourbon flavor"
"You've got to get over that"
"I don't think I do"
"There's Matt"
"What's up with these plastic glasses?"
"We were worried about breakage, if you drop these they don't break. We also don't think it would be legal to use glass"
"Well, we're a little disappointed in our keepsake"
"Well I think you're an a..hole" (I may remember this wrong)
"What's up Josh"
"Hey, what's going on, you have the [Founder's] Black Biscuit yet?"
"No, we were going to head over there in a bit. Not much of a crowd yet, I don't think they'll run out before we get over there."
"Whatcha drinkin?"
"Dark Truth"
"That's better this year"
"Yeah, it is"
"This is my beer guy, this is bullevard on Twitter"
"Yeah I follow you, you must have at least 6 tweets, whatcha drinkin?"
"I've got the Avery Kaiser"
"I was disappointed in that"
"I'm going to get the Schlafly Pumpkin next, I love pumpkin beers"
"I'm waiting on them to switch out the Southern Tier Krumpen so I can try the Southern Tier Pumpking (this never happened)"
"I've never had that"
"Neither have I, I typically don't like Southern Tier, it's too syrupy, but everything they make sounds interesting"
"You don't have to mark my card if it's too much trouble to get the marker"
"Yeah, I'd let you go but if Matt sees that he's going to rip off my head and s..t down my throat"
"I wouldn't want that to happen"
"Maybe if you come back I can just mark over one of your already drank spots"
"I will let you do that"
"Let's go over and get the Black Biscuit"
"We're getting ready to leave if you want to sit here"
"No, I don't want to sit with Paul [A. Ner]"
"I have a bottle of the Schlafly Raspberry Coffee Stout tucked in behind the Schlafly tap, we're going to pop it open in a little while, keep an eye out and you can have some"
"Will do, that sounds good, you know I love raspberries. This Black Biscuit is fabulous. If this is the best thing I drink all day, I'll be very happy."
"This is shockingly good"
"I'm on my 4th one"
"I'm glad we got over here before you drank it all, Ner. It's not as boozy as I thought it would be and the malt sweetness is great"
"That Black Biscuit was great"
"I told you"
"You should get the Lagunitas [Little Sumpin' Sumpin'], it's my favorite beer right now"
"Wow, that is good"
"I like to drink one at 4:20 and get my evening started right"
"You a Spurs fan? (I was wearing a Tottenham Hotspur hat)"
"So's a guy in my office"
"Smart guy"
"Yeah, I was making fun of him about Young Boys"
"Well we came back and showed those Young Boys who's boss. You can't trust anything that happened on their plastic field"
"There's Briggs"
"I just have to find Capt. Keith and we'll open this thing up"
"It's actually kind of crowded around here now"
"This is Capt. Keith, Bull E. Vard and Paul A. Ner from KC Beer Blog, Drunk Monkey from Show Me Beer"
"Nice to meet you guys"
"Oooh this smells nice, I love raspberries. Ever since I heard of the Raspberry Coffee Stout I knew I wanted it. The raspberry really mixes nice with the coffee, which is great because I really dislike the regular Coffee Stout"
"It's a little too much raspberry, but I don't like fruit beers"
"This is a pretty great fruit beer"
"Time to get some [Brasserie Dieu De Cel] Péché Mortel"
"You can have some of mine"
"No, I'll get my own"
"I think you just sealed both our fates"
"Yeah, I'm not going to be up much longer"
"Good thing we have a ride home"
"Indeed. Wow, this is fabulous. A lot going on with coffee and vanilla and chocolate. When you say chocolate do you say it like Dora or just normal?"
"Yeah, I should probably do that too"
"It got crowded around here"
"Pretty good for the first year"
"Just think it will probably be much bigger next year. They never ran out of beer, there were never any lines. We got everything we wanted coming in. This was great"
"I'm pretty pleased"
"We've probably had enough"

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