Lagunitas 4:20

If you're a weedtotaler like me weed culture can seem a little strange. The whole 4:20 thing has always seemed like a bunch of hype. I don't know about firing up a bong at 4:20 but I believe I've found a close substitute.

Today I was celebrating a little Tottenham Hotspur victory over the Young Boys of Bern (my official least favorite soccer team name) to get to the Champions League. I popped open a Lagunitas Little Sumpin Sumpin Ale at very nearly 4:20. I've been rather euphoric ever since. I'm not much of a day drinker but this has been a fairly great experience.

Not only did Little Sumpin Sumpin make me feel good, it's great tasting too. I've yet to meet a Lagunitas I don't like, but this one is better than most. It's a double IPA without an overpowering hops flavor or an overpowering malt sweetness. In fact it tastes like a regular everyday pale ale. This is kind of the problem because as you finish the second one, you realize that the 7.3% abv is coursing through your veins. Two bottles of Little Sumpin' Sumpin' would have made Billy Bob Thornton useless to Halle Berry, she would have felt good.

My prescription for your rough day would be to knock off a little early, pop open a bottle or two of Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Sumpin' and drink to your heart's content. Not only will you get a great beer, you'll get a great feeling.

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