Friday, September 3, 2010

Fall Fest Beer List

The long awaited beer list for the Flying Saucer Fall Fest was released today. I'm not sure what I expected, but I'm a little underwhelmed. I guess I expected the whole thing to be like the You're Not Worthy tent. But, then, I do view myself as worthy, so I guess that's my fault.
Local Tent: Boulevard Bob's 47, Schlafly Dry Hopped APA, Tallgrass Kold, Free State Ad Astra

East of Eden: Bell's Oarsman, Founders Reds Rye, Southern Tier rotators (Iniquity, Krampus, Pumpking and more), Goose Island Sophie

West of Eden: Lagunitas A Lil Sumpin Sumpin, New Belgium Tripel, North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner, Breckenridge Flying Saucer 15th Anniversary Ale

Captain Keith's Picks: Schlafly Pumpkin, Big Sky Double IPA, Tallgrass Oasis, Ska Modus Hoperandi

You're Not Worthy: Avery Kaiser 2009, Boulevard Dark Truth, Schlafly Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout, Sierra Nevada Fritz & Ken's Ale
I guess I will spend my time East of Eden trying to figure out a way to get lettuce east by train and then trying to convince the fellas that I am indeed worthy in the You're Not Worthy tent. I'll venture by the West of Eden tent around 4:20 to pick up a Lil Sumpin Sumpin and give the Flying Saucer 15th Anniversary Ale a shot. Then I'll probably fill up on Ad Astra until it's time to go home. That's my initial plan at least. Plans change.


  1. I think it'll be worth checking out their taps inside FS on that day as well. They're going to be tapping quite a few kegs inside the restaurant, like Founders Black Biscuit.

  2. Is that Sierra Nevada the 30th anniversary barleywine? I know that's going to be tapped..Maybe the $20 ticket isn't as worthy as individual drink tickets?

  3. What I wouldn't give to make this one and to finally try something from Goose Island and Schlafly.

    The Ska Modus Hoperandi and Big Sky Double IPA are oh so good. Haven't had the chance to get my hands on any Sierra Nevada Fritz & Ken's Ale though :(. Damn.

    Here in Dallas, the weather is just now starting to show signs (which means not there just yet) of welcoming in pumpkin beers and other fall beer goodies....I can't wait for that as it's been MUCH too hot to be enjoying one thus far.


  4. Let us know how it is. I'll be on my way to Columbia for tailgating and possibly a football game. I was a little miffed at the 20 bucks for 10 tasting card concept. Assuming that the tasting glass is a normal 4 to 5 oz glass, you are getting less than 3 pints (please don't check my math...)

    20 bucks for three pints? I'd stick to the "You're not worthy tent".