Fall Fest Beer List

The long awaited beer list for the Flying Saucer Fall Fest was released today. I'm not sure what I expected, but I'm a little underwhelmed. I guess I expected the whole thing to be like the You're Not Worthy tent. But, then, I do view myself as worthy, so I guess that's my fault.
Local Tent: Boulevard Bob's 47, Schlafly Dry Hopped APA, Tallgrass Kold, Free State Ad Astra

East of Eden: Bell's Oarsman, Founders Reds Rye, Southern Tier rotators (Iniquity, Krampus, Pumpking and more), Goose Island Sophie

West of Eden: Lagunitas A Lil Sumpin Sumpin, New Belgium Tripel, North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner, Breckenridge Flying Saucer 15th Anniversary Ale

Captain Keith's Picks: Schlafly Pumpkin, Big Sky Double IPA, Tallgrass Oasis, Ska Modus Hoperandi

You're Not Worthy: Avery Kaiser 2009, Boulevard Dark Truth, Schlafly Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout, Sierra Nevada Fritz & Ken's Ale
I guess I will spend my time East of Eden trying to figure out a way to get lettuce east by train and then trying to convince the fellas that I am indeed worthy in the You're Not Worthy tent. I'll venture by the West of Eden tent around 4:20 to pick up a Lil Sumpin Sumpin and give the Flying Saucer 15th Anniversary Ale a shot. Then I'll probably fill up on Ad Astra until it's time to go home. That's my initial plan at least. Plans change.

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