Thursday, May 20, 2010

KC Beerfest this weekend in Westport

It hardly seems like it's time for another KC Beerfest. I remember the last one like it was yesterday... It was cold, there were a lot of people and there wasn't enough beer. I thought about taking a pass on this year's Beerfest mostly because I didn't want to drive up to Legends again. My plans changed when I learned this year's Beerfest (at least the first one) will be held in Westport. Hey, I like Westport. I also like sampling a lot of different beers when I'm not freezing to death on the third level of a parking garage in the windiest part of Kansas. But seriously, Westport is going to be a cool location, much better than Power & Light in my opinion.

The event starts at 1pm on Saturday the 22nd, tickets are $25 in advance or $30 at the door. I heard everything will be set up around the intersection of Pennsylvania and Westport road, so right outside McCoy's and probably in the mini-parking lot in front of the Foundry. Parking will be retarded, because we're talking about Westport, so plan accordingly.

The beer list is largely the same as last time (not much changes in 6 months, surprise!) but there are a few notable additions. Here some are the beers I'm looking forward to:
Crown Valley - I haven't had any of their beer let so I'm curious to try it.
Boulevard Amber - I enjoyed the test bottles I had last month and am eager to try the real thing.
Great Divide Dunkel Weiss - The more German the name the more I wanna drink it.
Odell Mountain Standard Reserve - I've come pretty close to buying a 750 of this on countless occasions but always talked myself out of it.
Bell's Two Hearted - One of the few IPAs I like. I don't really need an excuse to drink this every chance I get.

Even if you've had most of the beers on the list it won't be hard to get your money's worth. Plus the event benefits the KC Free Health Clinic and the AIDS Service Foundation of Greater KC.

If you're in attendance you'll probably see me stumbling from table to table in my Avery hat and Sixth Glass shirt. Try not to make fun, it's not polite.


  1. Eh, the Westport location is an upgrade but a beer fest that is run by distributors pushing the same product they have in liquor stores 12 months out of the year is no place for a beer geek.

  2. Paul, I'm not ashamed to admit that I had no idea what your favorite post title meant until I saw Jay-Z on Regis and Kelly a couple months later.

    John, I agree with you. Spending $30, not finding anything I can't already buy in the store and fighting through a crowd of drunks does not appeal to me at all. But, if I got a in free with a VIP ticket to put me in the front of the lines, I might reconsider.

    Everyone else, do yourself a favor, park at the Plaza and walk over. The exercise will do you good.

  3. The beerfest isn't perfect by any means. It's basically a distributor showcase. You can get anything and everything there at the store. I think of this as more like a trade show. Here's everything I can buy locally this season. I get a couple hours to sample whatever I want and if I like it I can go buy a six pack later. $25 goes quick at the liquor store.

    That being said, I wish this were more like the Parkville Microfest where more exotic beers are offered. I'd gladly pay twice the price of admission if it meant trying 100 beers I couldn't normally get here.

  4. Didn't even know it was planned so early in the year: advertise a little better!!!