Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Riverside Red X: A Beer Graveyard

I wasn't sure if I was really into the hype surrounding Sierra Nevada's 30th Anniversary beers. Yet I still found myself in the Red X parking lot on my way home from work to see if there was some sitting around. Sure enough, I found three bottles with no listed price and grabbed one just to say I had it. But that wasn't the only beer they had sitting around.

Last week, I finally cracked open the bottle of Odell Woodcut 3 I had purchased months ago. I was pretty surprised to see such a healthy supply of it left on the rack, but not as surprised as I was to see a bottle of Woodcut 2 there. That thing has been there for months. Odell bottled the stuff in April of 2009. Red X has practically aged the stuff a year for anyone interested that has $23 burning a hole in their pocket. But there's more.

I think I remember a past comment about trying some Abita Christmas if you see it on the shelf. If that's something that interests you, then Red X is the place for you. Hey, it's only been 4 months since Christmas. For all you Bell's fans, they had 5 sixers of Batch 9000 waiting for you to come and save them. I had also given up trying Sierra Nevada Glissade since seeing it disappear from the Gomer's by my house weeks ago, but Red X has totally got the hookup.

There were quite a few other surprising items I saw sitting around, but they escape me right now. I thought about picking up quite a few items, but then I laid eyes on the full pallet of O'Fallon Wheach and nearly pissed my pants in excitement. Luckily, it was in their new, open sixer packaging so I was sure it hadn't been sitting in the back since last summer.


  1. The problem with Red X is that they don't store the beer very well. The times I've been there, the beer area has been hot, not just warm, but stuffy hot. Also, a lot of the more esoteric beers are stored on open racks with no light protection.

    Did you try that Woodcut #2? I'd concerned with buying a beer that old that has been stored with care equivalent to leaving it out on your counter by a sunny window for a year.

  2. O'Fallon Wheach? I bought some after reading, didn't like AT all...

  3. Ah Red X. It's a neat place. Where else can you buy porcelain lawn ornaments, frog legs, t-shirts groceries, and a decent selection of beer?

    As far as beer graveyards go, I'd submit Bubbles on N. Oak as the top of the heap. Good store, friendly staff, but you really should check the dates on what you purchase there.