Monday, March 22, 2010

Boss Tom is Back

I've made it no secret that I don't like Germans or their styles of beer very much. But sometimes, a nice German hefeweizen or maibock. can be quite nice. I ran into that feeling last night. I had spent the afternoon making some bruschetta with fresh mozzarella and a lasagna. I gorged myself like I rarely gorge myself and by the time I was finished I felt like the poo. Plus, the house was really hot after having the oven on all afternoon and then giving the kids baths. By the time we got the kids to bed I had very nearly broke a sweat and I felt about 10 pounds heavier than normal.

When we sat down to watch The Amazing Race I felt as though I didn't want to get up for the rest of the evening, but I had a thirst. I didn't want another glass of wine or a stout or any of the fine ales I have in my basement fridge. What I really wanted was one of my precious few Boss Tom's Golden Bocks.

I've had 6 of these now (2 were provided to me by Boulevard) and I've liked it. It's rather light and refreshing and this may sound insulting, but it's not, it tastes like a maltier version of a Miller Lite. Sometimes that's all the flavor you want and last night was no exception. I think it's indicative of a very good beer that it met a certain need for me and was exactly what I wanted. I actually looked forward to the first sip more than I do most of the beers I drink.

Boss Tom's is nearly the same beer that has been a Boulevard seasonal in year's past available only on tap, the Maibock. They've reformulated it a little bit and I think made it better. I only had the Maibock a couple of times, and I could very well be wrong, but it seems like the Boss Tom's has a little less hop flavor on the back end and seems much smoother without the bitter finish.

I'm no expert on maibocks, I just learned a couple of weeks ago that a maibock could also be called a golden bock. But, I will say this, I had a Sierra Nevada Glissade last night as well and I enjoyed Boss Tom more. The Glissade was just too hoppy for my mood last night and while I enjoy the Glissade, I think I'll  buy Boss Tom before I buy Glissade.

Starting today, I'll have that chance. Boss Tom's Golden Bock sixers will be hitting liquor store shelves starting today. They've been in the 12 pack variety packs for a couple of weeks now. Even though there's snow on the ground today, it's going to be just about the perfect temperature out to sit on your porch this evening and drink a Boss Tom's.

Disclaimer: I got 2 bottles of Boss Tom's from Boulevard gratis. The rest of the bottles I've drank have been from variety packs.


  1. You're a bit odd, really. What do you have against the krauts? I find their food and beer more than adequate. Their ladies are quite nice as well.

  2. What?!?! Sierra Nevada made a beer that was too hoppy? Surely you jest...

  3. Being part German I find your comments less then delightful. Would you feel equally entitiled to say, "I don't like Negros" Or "I don't like Mexicans". Clearly not. I have met Jews I did not care for but I do not say I don't care for Jews. Were I to do so, I can imagine you would howl like a cat on a grill.
    I urge you to reconsider your public utterances. I understand it's your blog and your playground but it is public and the public is invited.
    I really don't care if you dislike me because my grandmothers family came here from Germany in the mid ninteenth century. They were farmers, not Nazi's.

  4. Kansas Scout, 1) take a joke, 2) my best anti-German joke is buried in here. 3) take a joke 4) when the Germans make a beer style that is impressive, I'll quit making my joke 5) Paul A. Ner, blogger on this site, is pro-German, I'm the counter balance.

  5. Bull E. I don't want to speak for Kansas Scout, but I imagine that he or she was more offended by you saying you don't like Germans, than your not caring for their beer. Where was the joke? You straight up said you didn't like German people. Kansas Scout has every right to be offended, and you have every right to be offensive. If you don't want people to be offended then don't post offensive things. If you want things to be interpretted as jokes then try to make them even a little bit funny.

  6. Dammit, this still hasn't arrived in austin.

  7. Chimpotle, for the record, I'm not even a little bit German (1/4 Ethnic Jew, actually). I'm offended as a proud member of PWGPOBOPTTGOOSSTBCIAJWTINRFAI (People who get pissed off by other people trying to get out of saying stupid thing's by calling it a joke when there is nothing remotely funny about it)

    Our first order of business is pithying up the name.