The Dark Truth and Other Stories

Just to tie up some loose ends from the past couple of weeks, I thought I could help clear up some questions that have come up.

First off, Dark Truth is a new imperial stout in the Boulevard Smokestack lineup. It is not the same stout that was out last year in the Smokestack series. It is a beer that I and other beer bloggers got a sample of in the Presidential election season. Wes and I liked it quite a bit. I was confused about the imperial stout Boulevard released last year thinking that it was the same as the Big Stout that we drank. But it wasn't. Dark Truth should be out around Valentine's Day and would be the perfect beer to drink with some Valentine's Day chocolates. The alcohol content is sure to make your partner's pants come down just a little easier.

Rye on Rye is certainly slated to become one of my favorite beers because of my love for rye beers. It is going to be a limited edition release, meaning that it will be at priced around $12. It is also aged in Templeton Rye whiskey barrels which will give it a whole 'nother audience for the beer. Templeton Rye has an evergrowing fan club and I'm tempted to make a stop in Iowa soon to pick up a bottle. It might be nice to have a Templeton Rye chaser to go with a bottle of Rye on Rye.

Finally, several commenters have wondered my opinion of this year's BBQ. I like it a lot more than last year's and I really liked last year's. The bourbon flavor is much more muted and it tastes like beer and not bourbon. It's still really sweet, but the alcohol on the back end really makes the sweetness palatable. I wish I had a bottle from year one to taste along with a bottle from this year to see if the age would have muted the bourbon in a similar way, but I don't. The point is, I like this year's better and if you are disappointed in it (I'm looking at you Hophead), I'll take any bottles you would wish to dispose of.

I think that about wraps it up. Collaboration No. 1 should be out in the next week or two. I'm sure we'll make a big deal about it.

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