Unopened case of BLVD Wheat returned to brewery after 19 years

For those of you who aren't Facebook inclined, social networking Luddites, or otherwise may have just missed this gem from Boulevard I thought I'd pass it along. It seems they received an unusual package today, a case of Boulevard Wheat. At least I assume it's unusual for cases of Boulevard Wheat to get returned to the brewery... now, if it were Zon or Bob's 47 I could understand why it'd get returned. It wasn't just any old case of Unfiltered Wheat that got returned... it was a 19 year old case, from their first run on December 21, 1990. That's right, someone's had this thing tucked away for nigh on two decades.

Boulevard says the case was returned by Eric (from City Cement Company) unopened, and it'll presumably stay that way. I'm kinda curious how a 6865 day wheat beer would taste... Heck, in a little over two years this case of beer will be old enough to buy its freedom.

Wanna feel really old? Just think, this case of beer is older than the following:
The youngest Jonas Brother
The independent state of Ukraine
The Florida Marlins
Bud Ice

Oh, and by the way, the Chiefs went 11-5 in 1990. Those were the days....

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