Sunday, September 27, 2009

Boulevard Award Winner

I guess now when I say that I don't really dig Zon, I have to say that I don't dig the GABF gold medal winner for Belgian witbiers, Zon. Yet one more piece of evidence that my palate is regularly incorrect in judging beers. Congratulations to Boulevard and my pal, Steven Pauwels.


  1. In regards to your pallette, I have a hard time judging how much my pallette changes from day to day vs how much the beer may vary from one day, to say another day (and another batch) a month in the future. While bud, coors, miller engineer this out of their beer, I wonder how much natural variability there is in a good craft beer. Then add in changing character with age of the beer etc., and who knows if any of us have actually tasted the zon that happened to get judged. I personally do like it and wish they'd make it year round and replace their flagship, yet horribly boring wheat with it...but obviously that won't happen. Like the blog...keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks Andy.

    Actually BLVD has a tasting panel everyday to make sure that the beer going out that day tastes exactly like the beer that goes out every other day. The recipes are constantly adjusted to make up for seasonality of ingredients, but the taste should remain the same.

    Now, the big brewers do have an advantage with their ingredient sourcing and they have manufactured out most of the taste of their ingredients, but BLVD and other larger craft brewers do work quite hard on brewing a consistent product.

  3. Congrats to Boulevard on the award. Zon is easily my least favorite beer in the Boulevard family also -- if that makes you feel better about your pallette.

  4. I like Zon. I don't drink it very much because there are other witbiers I like better (like the INCREDIBLE Amadeus!!!), but it's pretty good to me. Congrats to Boulevard for the win in a tough category. I will make a point to have some next year when it's fresh and see what I think. It has probably been 2 years since I;'ve had one.

  5. I don't care for Zon, but I don't care for any beer in the style.

  6. From Stan Hieronymus' blog:

    - You always hear conjecture that some breweries make batches just for judging. I find that hard to believe.

    But there’s no doubt that the beer Boulevard Brewing in Kansas City won gold with this year is just like the ones consumers find on the shelf (in season). Brewmaster Steven Pauwels said that when the brewery decided to enter Zon in the Belgian white/wit category they discovered that they didn’t have any of the seasonal beer in stock. So they went out a store and bought the beer they’d enter, and win with. That’s impressive.