Manifesto Revisited

Stella and I had an evening out without the kids and decided to hit up Manifesto again, this time incognito. Since it was a Friday night we were pleasantly surprised when we called and were told there would be no wait. We got right in and were seated at the bar. The bartenders were great and very nice. I didn't steal a menu this time so I don't remember the names of our drinks, but Stella got the Wildfire Cobbler (close?) and I got the one based on a French martini.

Since we were seated at the bar, there was no opportunity to whip it out. We mostly just enjoyed watching the bartenders mix drinks. I know next time I sit at the bar I'm going to order the Ward and Precinct to watch the bartender light it on fire to caramelize the sugars of the citrus (or something like that). I spent a little time texting Abbey Ale trying to get her out of her pj's and into Manifesto (or The Westside Local where we were going later). On the drive over to Manifesto, Abbey had texted "I'm already in for the night, I'm old and I suck". Since I was driving at the time, I told Stella to text back "If you suck meet us at Manifesto, if you swallow, meet us at the house". Amazingly Stella did text that and amazingly Abbey Ale never did come out and join us.

We had a good time without Abbey anyway. One of the bartenders got Stella to try the drink with red bell peppers by mixing one for another customer, dipping a little straw into it and feeding it to Stella like she was a gerbil. Overall we had a good time and plan on going again. I'm hoping to make it through the drink menu.

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