Thursday, August 6, 2009

Savvy Beer Selection

I'm just throwing this out there since I don't really know what to make of it. I went in to Savvy the other night to get a cup of coffee to drink during our movie. While I was in there waiting on my cup of coffee to be brewed (they really do brew coffee one cup at a time) I was looking around. I noticed in the pastry display case the beers they sell, namely I noticed the O'Fallon Wheach which I've never had and odds are I never will have it. I thought it a weird beer for them to have since they only carried about 12 different brands. As I looked at the other beers in the case I was blown away that they had St. Bernadus Abt 12, one of the best beers available in KC, for $9.25/bottle at Savvy, it better be really good. I don't know what to make of the whole thing.

They also carry Unibroue's Ephemere, Founders Cerise and Delirium Tremens in addition to the Boulevards, Budweisers and Millers. I haven't seen a beer selection so eclectic before, it just blew me away they carried those beers. I don't think Savvy will be the place to go for great beers, but if you're with a wine crowd, you can definitely get a great beer there.


  1. If you like peaches, Wheach may be one of the best summer beers around. I would definitely drink it over Zon in any instance.

  2. Don't knock the Wheach until you try it. I came at it with the same mindset. I bought some for my wife, and ending drinking a lot of it last summer.

    Beware the old enclosed six packs of O'Fallon. They use a traditional six pack container now. It looks like they are being contract brewed as well.