Savvy Happy Hour

So here's the deal, Abbey Ale is tired of going to the Flying Saucer everytime she meets Buttery Nipple and I for drinks. Nipple and I had to figure out someplace else to go after work. The Westside Local was too far for Nipple (it's like 8 blocks away from our work). I decided that this was a great opportunity to give the Savvy happy hour a shot.

I'd been to Savvy a couple of times for a cup of coffee in the morning. They make a mighty fine cup and well worth checking out. I'm not an a coffee expert but Savvy makes one of my favorite cups. But being a coffee shop is a tough hurdle to overcome come happy hour time.

Savvy is set up like a coffee shop, it feels like a coffee shop and smells like a coffee shop. It felt weird the moment Buttery Nipple and I sat down. Our waitress informed us of the happy hour specials (which I have totally memorized since I practically wrote them). Nipple got a Boulevard Wheat (with lemon) and I got a Boulevard Pale Ale. They don't have much of a beer selection and Boulevards are the only thing palatable that are on special.

Our waitress, who couldn't have been nicer, brought over a couple of oversized frosted glasses and poured our bottled beer in them. Savvy gets a 1/2 point here for bringing a glass to pour the beer into, but don't get a full point because it was a frozen glass.

When Abbey Ale got there she ordered a glass of malbec. Savvy does have numerous wines by the glass and if I go back I think I will just drink wine because it wouldn't feel as wrong as it did to drink beer in there. They have a bunch of those wine dispensers where they can have numerous bottles open without them going bad. They then dispense the glasses of wine into a mini carafe. So when you order a glass of wine, you get a gigantic wine glass and a little carafe filled with wine which the waitress pours into the glass.

This action confused Abbey Ale. She didn't understand why the waitress didn't pour all of the wine into the glass. She actually asked the waitress if she was breaking any rules by pouring it all into the glass. She wasn't.

All in all, Savvy is a fine place. I think I will just drink wine there if I ever go back because beer just didn't feel right. Your mileage may vary though. At the very least they have a KC Beer Blog certified happy hour.
Happy Hour 4 - 7 M-F
$1 off glasses of wine
$2 domestic bottles
$3 Boulevards
1/2 price appetizers with purchase of bottle of wine

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