Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mad Men Premeire

I think I'm going to fix myself a Manhattan, sit down on my couch, enjoy the season premiere of "Mad Men" Sunday night then get drunk and disappear for a week. But, the KC Ad Club has a pretty great idea, throwing a premiere party at the Screenland. Your $10 admission will grant you access to 2 free Manhattans,some appetizers (hopefully authentic early 60's appetizers) and watch Mad Men on the big screen.

The only drawback (and you might not find it a drawback) is you will be watching a show about ad men with actual ad men. They might start talking about the inaccuracy of a TWA ad circa 1961 or just talk about advertising in general. God forbid a discussion on social media break out. I don't know if I could handle such a thing.

Long live Don Draper!


  1. There's few things as irritating as a bunch of ad agency twenty-somethings getting all twitterific.

  2. Or, you could order a Heineken, which apparently is the choice beer of the more sophisticated 1960s international housewife.

  3. Excellent. I just got home from the liquor store with some rye whiskey and bitters. Old Fashioneds and Mad Men.. I can't wait.