Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Local's Open

I had a chance to run over to the Westside Local for a beer this afternoon. I couldn't let opening day go by without me stopping in. I knew going in that they weren't quite ready so I'm not giving a full review right now. The taps weren't up and working and the bar area was not air conditioned. I was warned about both of those things by the hostess so I'm giving them a pass.

I did enjoy Amber the bartender (I'm only about 75% her name was Amber). She poured my Duvel in a a very nice tulip glass and we had a good discussion about good beer bars in the area and beers from Montana. You'll have to find out from Amber the reason for the Montana conversation.

Overall, it was a pretty nice looking space and they're still frantically working to perfect it. Go in, say hi, have a beer. This is going to be a really nice place when they get the kinks worked out. Go and give it a try especially once they get the taps working and you can get a Boulevard Tank 7.

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  1. I went to the Westside Local today to celebrate the unseasonable warmth in their beer garden. This was my first venture there, and I never would have known they existed were it not for the KCBeerblog.

    My big problem is that the check came incorrect. Turns out the Boulevard Wheat, that was listed for an already pricey $4, had actually gone up to $5 but the price had not been updated on any of the menus. So when we asked the server about this, he spoke to the manager who told him that we were still to be charged $5, regardless of what the menu said. The reason we were given was that it doesn't make sense to re-print the menu for one beer price. So a warning for future visitors. Don't trust the price on the menu, and don't trust the management to do do the right thing in the face of their own mistake.

    Aside from that, the patio area was pleasant, but seating was a little limited. We were on their appetizer menu. The garlic fries are very good, but a little messy. This was a problem because we did not receive any silverware or napkins, and the service was rather slow.