Brew Day with a Wort Hog

Stella and I have had quite the extended weekend mostly centered around painting the kitchen and dining room and kitchen cabinets. It's been a crap ton amount of work, but mostly for Stella since I can't be trusted to do any of the final coats of paint on the cabinets or do any trim work.

Anyway we spent most of Saturday just painting the kitchen and dining room. We finally finished up all the painting except for one more coat on the cabinet doors about 4. Then we got all cleaned up and headed over to Amy (The Wort Hog) and John's house for the brew party. I'm sure that if they actually thought I would come over I would not have been invited. But, every once in a while I like to do the unexpected and after a long day of painting a brew party is just what you need.

I didn't have time to get something truly interesting so I just grabbed a bottle of Two Jokers I had sitting around kind of hoping that, while it's not hard to find (anymore), most people hadn't tried it yet. As we walked up to the house a couple of people were out on the porch watching their wort (or is it mash at that point, who knows) boil. They directed us inside where Amy and John were hanging out.

It must be weird to have someone walk into your house and you have no idea who they are, but John seemed okay with it as we were walking towards him. Then I told him that I was Bull E. Vard (how embarassing). Then he actually seemed pleased, though he quickly ran to get Amy. Amy appeared and John corralled us a couple of glasses and they let me root around in their fridge looking for a beer. I thought to myself that if Owen was there he would have found the makings for a sandwich, grab them and prepare himself a sandwich declaring "F... you, I work for the Pitch" when everyone gave him a dirty look. I grabbed myself a homebrew brown ale and then we went to the beer fridge downstairs to grab Stella a beer. She chose a Tin Mill Maibock.

Amy's beer selection was really large and varied with many beers not available in Missouri or Kansas, I guess is a benefit of travelling for work. Amy told us a good story about John drinking beer from a frisbee in Portland which John didn't include in his top 2 Portland stories (the mojito party story was truly rivetting). Amy hooked me up with a glass of Three Floyds Dark Lord which I knew nothing about (if I had known how hard it is to get I would have declined a glass and gone with something else I'd never had). I also got to meet KC Hop Head who I've been incredibly rude to over the course of writing on this blog (he made an NBA all star team vs. an NBA all-time great team compared to beers as a complement to my beer roster, yet I never took the time to comment). Luckily for everyone involved, I found a way to be rude to him again at the brew party. I think we know who the real winner is, that's right, KC Hop Head.

I sampled some more of John's homebrew, an IPA and an English Mild. I enjoyed both but I would buy the IPA pretty regularly if given the opportunity. I talked with John about his 3 tap kegerator and we shared justifications for going to the Flying Saucer while staying away from all other things Power and Light (because it faces away from the Power and Light Live! district is the number one reason).

After too short of a time Stella and I had to go catch some dinner leaving the rest of them to actually enjoy themselves. I can't be sure but as we were getting in the car I could hear them say "I'm glad they're finally gone".

We went to Houlihan's and absolutely destroyed a couple of sirloins that we never would have ordered if we wouldn't have had that sirloin at the free blogger dinner we went to last fall. Our steaks were almost as good as they were that night.

We headed home to finish off the last coat of paint on the cabinet doors and change clothes yet one more time for an evening out which is to be a post of its own.

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