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Boulevard's newest year round beer, Boulevard Pilsner, should show up on your local package store's shelves today and tomorrow. The pilsner is Boulevard's shot at a classic American lager and one of only 3 lagers Boulevard brews. I don't think Boulevard could have asked for a better week to release this pilsner since there's not really a substitute for a cold American lager on a hot day. I may even be tempted to mow my lawn in the hundred degree heat just so I can get full enjoyment from the Boulevard Pilsner. As always around here, call it out in comments when and where you find it and the price (I would guess $6.99/sixer).

Boulevard is also trying to make it a little easier to find their releases by adding a beer finder to their website. Enter in the product you're looking for, your zip and the beer finder will direct you to the nearest store carrying your beer.

Finally, Boulevard is adding beer luncheons to their repertoire to take even more advantage of their new tasting room.
Boulevard is teaming up with local restaurant partners to create a beer and food pairing educational experience unlike any other. Secure your spot for an exclusive VIP tour and luncheon with Boulevard’s brewmaster, Steven Pauwels, and a guest restaurateur as they share their inspired combinations. Tickets for this event, which include the tour, three-course lunch and a souvenir pint glass, are $35 each and seating is limited. To reserve your place at the table today please call 816.701.7210 and specify “Brewmaster Luncheon Reservation.”

The tour will begin from our tasting room promptly at 11:30am on the day of the event, with the meal concluding at approximately 1:30pm. Cancellations may be made up to 24 hours prior to the Luncheon; please notify us if you are unable to attend.

Brewmaster Luncheon Calendar:
(Future dates are subject to change)

* Friday, June 26th; featured food pairings by The Bristol
* Friday, July 17th; featured food pairings by Nick and Jakes
* Friday, August 14th; featured food pairings by Hereford House
* Friday, September 25th; featured food pairings by bluestem
* Friday, October 9th; featured food pairings by KC Hopps

The Bluestem (read JJSKCK's review, then subscribe to his blog)one sounds especially fantastic, but they all look worthwhile. Plus you get to spend time with the dude who should be the most popular guy in KC, Steven Pauwels, Boulevard's head brewer.

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