Thursday, April 9, 2009

Can You Feel the Summer Coming On?

With another April comes another baseball season where I will be ridiculed and shamed because my 2 favorite baseball teams have not won a World Series in a combined 155 years. But in April, it's possible I can be happy in 6 months, ask Red Sox fans. April is also a new beer season. Boulevard Zon is now in stores. Zon is my least favorite Boulevard seasonal, but many people enjoy it. I can understand that. I picked up a sixer of Goose Island Summertime which is one of my favorite Goose Island seasonals. Since I look to Chicago for baseball happiness it makes sense that I turn away from KC for my summer seasonal.

Perfect beer for this day
Sing along because it's one we know
It's a smile
It's a kiss
It's a Goose Island
It's summertime
Sweet summertime.

Go Cubs Go!

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  1. I saw Bell's Oberon while at Gomer's the other day. When I lived in Michigan, the first spotting of Oberon meant that spring was really here and the dark days were almost over. I can't wait for summer