Saturday, February 14, 2009

Firkin Hopslam

The Flying Saucer will be tapping a firkin of Hopslam on March 4th at 7 PM. I'll wait to let that sink in.

That's right a cask Hopslam. Hopslam is the wonderful hopful Imperial IPA from Bell's brewery. I had a pint recently at the Flying Saucer and absolutely adored it. It might be the best Imperial IPA I've had, and I've had a few. It comes in a little pricey at $6/pint or $16/sixer but it's well worth it for one glass of a first class seasonal. I can only imagine how great it is out of a firkin.

I'll be there, will you?

Thanks to Gary Briggs for the heads up.


  1. Um, where are you finding sixers of the Hopslam? And why have you been holding out on us?

    Because yes, the Hopslam is some good beer.

  2. I think Gomers in parkville had quite a bit last time I was there.

  3. I'll be there. I recently had a couple of Hopslams at Stub And Herb's Bar in Minneapolis. It's terrific stuff (but is a bit dangerous due to its high alcohol content!). I'm curious what it tastes like from a firkin.

    By the way, Stub and Herb's possibly has the best beer menu I've ever seen in a joint.

  4. I'll be there.

    A lil' FYI- Waldo Pizza does pitchers of Hopslam for $16.95.

  5. Is a firkin anything like a merkin? If so, I'm there.