Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Smokestack Beers

I'm so excited I'm going to go pound some nails without a hammer after I get done here. Boulevard is adding 2 new beers to the Smokestack lineup; a Saison-Brett (nicknamed the "George Brett") and Bourbon Barrel Quadrupel.
Some will recognize Saison-Brett as a beer that first surprised at the Belgium Comes to Cooperstown fest in 2006. It then appeared at both BCTC and the Great American Beer Festival in 2007. At the festivals, the Brett profile in the beer earned the name, “George Brett,” as a result of Boulevard’s location in Kansas City, which happens to be where the Hall of Fame infielder played his entire career.

Saison-Brett will be released to the tune of less than 12,000 bottles and BBQ even more limited at approximately 7000. Each bottle will be individually numbered. The beers will be released into the same distribution channel as the other Smokestack beers.

Thanks to The Scout for sending me this link.


  1. When I saw "Brett" I was hoping it was going to be some sort of brettanomyces hybrid, making it a sour beer. Oh well, I'll have to settle for my Rodenbach Grand Cru if I want to pucker! :-)

  2. Anonymous, Brett is a sour beer, it's just called George Brett because of the KC thing

  3. So either they're going to cost out the ass or you'll need to camp out?

  4. how can you drink a beer with a serial number on it, it's like using a collectible stamp to mail a letter.

  5. yeah, this beer does use brettanomyces. Also Rodenbach is alright, but if you can get your hands on some La Folie by New Belgium, that is a real treat!!!
    and it is numbered. M.V., if you get one and can't drink it because of the numbered bottle, I will be glad to take it off your hands.

    beer effin' rules!!!!!!!!!!!

    BurlyMan Brewing Company

  6. FYI Anonymous & Bull E. Vard - The beer has undergone a secondary fermentation with Brettanomyces, hence "Brett". Brettanomyces imparts bready, leathery, or tobacco-like characteristics. If you want sour (like La Folie), you want beer inoculated with lactobacillus bacteria. For a great example of what wonderful things Brettanomyces can do to beer, drink an Orval, one of the few Trappist beers left.