Dickens Cider

I met up with my friends, Abbey Ale and Buttery Nipple, over at the Flying Saucer last night. We were all a little happy(for her)/sad(for us) as a woman we all looked up to as a mother figure turned in her resignation and was no longer going to be working with us. We were all in that state where you're no longer covering up your crudest self and letting the zingers fly. Each of us had exposed weaknesses, Buttery Nipple, obviously it the biggest bearded queen in town, Abbey Ale is the unused harlot and I am the guy who can't speak after 2 beers.

As always when together, Abbey Ale and I discussed all things Wichita which thoroughly bored Buttery Nipple. Some of my favorite Wichita topics came up such as Taco Tico, Nu-Way, Dog N' Shake and Spangles. Abbey Ale agreed with my theory that only outsiders like Spangles (as well as doing a fabulous Rene Steven impression). I also was amazed that neither Abbey Ale or Buttery Nipple had been to a Chik-fil-A.

Several beers into the afternoon, I tried to say the word Boeing and was roundly criticized for saying Boing instead of BO-ing. A subtle difference but a difference nonetheless. I told them that I had never been criticized for my diction before, even going so far as to say that I have very rigid diction.

Later on, Abbey Ale ordered what the Flying Saucer calls a Black Velvet, the rest of the world calls it a Snakebite, Guinness and cider. Buttery Nipple asked after it arrived if it was a Dickens Cider. After an understated snicker by Nipple and a question from me, Abbey Ale said "I don't get Dickens Cider". I immediately replied "well you wouldn't would you". Later on a couple of guys in matching shirts walked by. I had been curious about their choice in matching shirt so I made sure I read their shirts. Apparently these dudes worked for some sort of infusion services. I made sure to point out that those guys were offering infusion services to Abbey Ale. For having a doctorate from Wichita State University, Abbey Ale is too quick on the uptake because she kept asking what infusion services were.

Anyway, a grand time was had by all for a really reasonable price for a downtown evening. The Saucer is really the best place to go in the Power and Light District (damning with faint praise) especially if you live or work with 2 blocks.

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