Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bottomless Cups in the Northland

I have no idea where 1613 Swift is in North KC, but Wes has been to Bar 12 and liked it. I do know that I would never venture into the northland for an all I can drink night. But, Bar 12 has $10 bottomless cups on Saturday nights, something tells me they are the red solo cups, but for 10 bones I wouldn't complain. Say hi to Ron, the cranky middle aged bartender, he may even give you a little sum'tin special for the effort.

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  1. Bar 12 is fantasmus. Well, maybe not that great, but pretty good. Granted, it's been some months, but I went down there for Karaoke night and lucked into this domestic beer special. And the karaoke wasn't terrible either. They used to have a special on trays of beer for something like $5, and that was little cups and natty light. I'm not sure I would recommend that one. Oh, and get a cab. A cab ride back to my place didn't set me back to much, and was well worth it.