Bar 12 and the 25-cent BEER!!!

TWENTY-FIVE CENT BEERS YOU SAY!? It can't be true! But, oh my beer-loving friends, it IS. "Bar 12" in the Northland (right across the river from downtown) has been discovered--and the discovery may replicate somewhat the discovery of the Pacific by Balboa, who in the year 1513 led a party across the Isthmus of Panama, hacking through thick rain forest. Once through the dense brush, Balboa emerged on a cliff and became the first European to look out onto the Pacific Ocean only to discover that there was no beer. A futile attempt to discover "true gold?" Oh if only they'd have come to Kansas City instead... They'd have found treasure beyond their wildest imaginations! Who needs to discover an ocean when on WEDNESDAYS the folks at Bar 12 open the heavenly flood gates and pour you whole trays of 10-oz draft beer at a time. Yes, all for only 25¢ EACH from 9:00 PM to close! Mouth watering yet? Well then, read on…

On Saturdays another special treat is the "Bottomless Glass of Bud and Bud Light" (if that's what you're into). Plop down a crisp $10 bill between 9:00 PM and close, and they'll make sure your glass never runs dry. Not a shabby deal!

The bar itself wasn’t that impressive. Plain, not much to it, but the beer specials should be all that is needed to make it stand out from the crowd. And, I understand that the food is pretty darn good (although I didn't peruse the menu). No need to travel all the way to Panama--you will find this little slice of heaven here in KC, only at Bar 12.

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