Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mi Cocina has CLOSED?!

Ward Parkway and I were walking through the Plaza yesterday evening, when we saw that Mi Cocina was closed up tighter than a duck's ass! It was especially unnerving as it was "Cinco de mayo." There should have been a hoard of people eating tacos that evening, but NO. There wasn't a soul -- nor un hombre, una mujer, un mesero, una mesera. NADIE. Nobody!

Unable to find anything of substance on the internet, I called the Plaza customer service office to see what I could learn. They said that at of the end of April, Mi Cocina had closed its doors permanently at the end of its lease. Too bad. I really think they had the best margaritas in the area... Wonder what will take its place??? I'm pulling for a Buffalo Wild Wings, personally. Either that or something "local." Anything local would be alright with me. But if that doesn't work out, a BWW would certainly suit me fine.

Please bow your head now, as we take a moment of silence in remembrance of Mi Cocina--the best darned Mexican joint this side of Guadalajara.


  1. Never been there. The only GOOD, REAL, AUTHENTIC Mexican food in this town is sold out of the back of pickup trucks.

    And the next day is as though you were really in Mexico and you really did drink the water...

  2. I always stick to the Blvd myself. A BWW would be great, but I don't think that's what the Plaza has in mind there. Also, I think you need to add some sort of running total down the side on how close yoy are to the 200 beers at Flying Saucer. I'll be there Friday night to start the journey...

  3. There are rumors FLYING about the reason Mi Cocina closed. Meet for a beer at the Saucer sometime and I will tell ya. I would never have actually eaten anything at Mi Cocina, myself. Only been there late at night to watch the Ken & Barbies act like morons.