Bull Musings

It is going to be very hard to go straight home from work on a nice day if I have to walk right by the Gordon-Biersch beer patio in order to get. This evening, the place was packed with people in their favorite Big 12 colors. I wonder if they look at me carrying my briefcase the same way I look at the saps on Michigan Ave. wearing suits.

I went to Batson Liquor again this evening to restock my supply of Great Divide Titan IPA. It seems they caught their mistake from a couple of weeks ago and got the price right at $9.99. Still tastes good though.

I wish people would be as outraged about Eliot Spitzer's abuse of power over the past 10 years as they are about him paying for some hoochie (sorry for the politics, just thought I'd throw it out there).

What's it going to take for Bull E. Vard to be guest judge on Harrah's Lucky Break? I keep seeing other D-list KC celebs on that show. Why can't I be a judge? I watch it so much I recognize half the contestants on every episode.

Who wants to bet me that KU fans making their first trip to downtown claim McDouchens is the greatest bar in town? On second thought, who wants to be downtown with all the KU fans running around? Good thing I'm working from home tomorrow.

Who else who watches "American Idol" thinks that David Archuleta is a giant jerk and prima donna behind the scenes?

I'm pretty excited that I have a barbecue place that I like within a couple of blocks from my office again. The city of KCMO took the last place criminally err eminent domain to turn it into ... well they turned it into an empty building. I guess KCMO can't have a locally owned good barbecue place right across the street from the Sprint Center.

I don't get why Democrats who have complained about GW's abuse of executive power for the last 7 years could possibly back Hillary Clinton. It makes no sense. It would be like someone who was anti-war backing John McCain. If my choices this fall are Clinton or McCain, None of the Above had better be running a strong third party candidacy.

Does anybody else think the people in the Big Brother house are less savory than a prison or a meeting of prison guards. I feel that these people are perhaps the lowest rung of our society.

Will someone explain to me what the difference is between what Geraldine Ferraro said about Barack Obama and what Rush Limbaugh said about Donovan McNabb?

If you're coming to town for the Big 12 tournament and aren't used to it, the smell of smoke in the bars is not cause for concern. It's the smell of freedom. Enjoy.

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