Sound your Barbaric Yawp

You ever wake up drunk? It's been a while for me, but I did this morning. Wes, Chambord, Weston and I were fortunate enough to be invited to the Howl at the Moon grand opening last night featuring free food and open bar from 7-9. I think it's safe to say that I took advantage of the open bar. Sadly, the food line was wicked long so I only went through once, but I did get all the raspberries off the cheese tray. Bull loves raspberries donchaknow. I also ate the heck out of some prime rib, thinking about it now I should have gone back through the line. More food may have soaked up some of the rum.
It wasn't a true open bar last night, more of a glorified happy hour, only Bud products, house wines and well drinks were free. I never saw any taps so I think they only have bottled beer which means you can get Bud Light in a bottle and not be a douche. I tried a Budweiser but couldn't finish it. I switched to the house Cabernet sauvignon.

After finally finding a good spot to stand at the bar, we settled in to enjoy the show. If you want to sit at a table you have to call and make a reservation with Kelsey at 471-4695. They are serious about this, I was told I couldn't put my drink on a table, not even for a minute while I shifted things around so I could eat. Needless to say, seating is an issue, I'm not sure how they feel about bringing your own lawn chair, but I would say you should go ahead and try it. Anyway, the show is a pretty standard dueling pianos show. You take up request slips with cold hard cash and they'll play your song. It's not overly loud, but it is somewhat loud, but that's fine because, you know, you are there for the music after all.

Weston bought some Irish car bombs, but I don't think he ordered it that way. I think he ordered 2 Guinness bottles, 4 glasses and 4 shots of Kahlua and Irish cream and we put it all together to make an Irish car bomb.

It was fabulous, any drink named after a terrorist act must be good. I switched to rum and cokes after that. There is nothing worse than drinking too much mediocre wine. I had noticed earlier a woman in her sixties sucking on a big syringe. Certainly an odd sight. Chambord informed me that those were Jello shots and she wanted one. Finally we saw a Jello shot girl with a tray full of the things. We each got one as well as some other people at the bar so I snapped some shots. It's always entertaining to see chicks put something in their mouth and get a white substance on their mouth.
Needless to say, I had my fair share of free drinks and I double my shot intake from the previous 5 years in one night. I had a good time at Howl at the Moon and I highly recommend it, just bring a lawn chair or call Kelsey if you want to sit down.

Thank you to the fine folks at Howl at the Moon (Jamie) for the invite and the free drinks. Sorry for the formatting on this one and the horrible quality of the pictures. It was an ordeal trying to figure out how to get the pictures off the phone and into the computer without finding my USB cord which has an SD card reader on it. Oh yeah, and I'm still drunk.

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