Thursday, February 14, 2008

McCoy's Accordion Table

As the second part of our Valentine's Day evening out we ventured over to McCoy's Public House. My other "plans" had to be aborted because Stella was sick, so I improvised and came up with McCoy's for dessert. I don't particularly go out of my way for dessert so I have beer when we go to McCoy's for dessert.

This little tradition started way back when Stella and I were dating. Typically back then we would go to dinner and a movie and then go over to Harry's Bar and Tables or McCoy's. If we went to McCoy's it was because Stella wanted some dessert. For some reason I would bet that 90% of the time we got the same table, what we refer to as the accordion table.

The accordion table was a window seat facing out towards Westport Rd. towards the little parking lot. It's a fun seat because you can see all the activity on the street and back then you could see activity over at the Hurricane. We spent many nights sitting at the accordion table sharing a dessert and drinking fresh brewpub beer. McCoy's doesn't have my favorite beer in town, but the raspberry beer is pretty good and the brown ale is a nice beer. What makes McCoy's a great place is the time I've spent with Stella at the accordion table.

Last night on an improvisation we ended up at McCoy's and were seated at the accordion table. Stella ordered the bread pudding, a favorite dessert that I introduced her to a long time ago. I ordered a black and tan, namely because it was $2 last night. We sat and talked about when we were dating and the first time I took her to the sushi place across the street. We talked about the wine tastings we used to go to at Harry's Bar and Tables. And we talked about the time my friends and I spent a day opening Tanner's, going to a Royals game and closing down Kelly's a long time ago. Stella pointed out a douchie girl sitting at the next table drinking a Bud Light from a bottle, which brought up the first time I met Stella for a drink and she was drinking Bud Light from a bottle. For once, I was soft on the douchie girl and just assumed she wasn't lucky enough to meet her beer drinking life partner yet.

I have a lot of great memories that are visible from the accordion table. So next time you go to McCoy's look for the 2 seater with a picture of a classroom full of children accordion players and maybe you can enjoy it as much as I do.


  1. Love that picture. Accordion music is right up there with beer on my list of passions, because it's such a huge part of Texas' musical landscape. A major portion of my iPod is devoted to Tejano, Cajun, and zydeco music.

  2. Little known fact about me; I can play the accordion. My mother taught me when I was a kid, but I don't think I could pick one up and play right away.

    Stella's family in Dallas has several accordion players. They are Polish descendants and love to play the polka music.

  3. Hey I was at McCoy's last night as well for two dinners to go and a growler of Raspberry (no babysitter). Just think, I could have run into the legendary Bull E. Vard.

  4. I've sat at the accordian table, many times. I've always wondered if any of those 'cordian babes "made it" on the Polka Circuit.

    Speaking of douchie beer-orderers: I was at Barley's Midland, last night, with my sweetie and my daughter. The 4 twenty-somethings at the table next to us ordered "special" high-priced tall bottles of Coors light and Bud light...with so many taps to choose from for the same or lower price. Damn, they looked ever so post-modern-retro-hip, sucking down their shit beer and wearing the latest in ball-cap chic. And, of course, they ordered shots of Jaeger and vodka & Red Bull to finish out the night...I'll never understand this behavior. WTF?

    Maybe they just haven't met their drinking life partner, yet. (To introduce them to really good vodka to mix with their Red Bull).

    Happy trails,
    Bad Ben

  5. Did ya ask if they had any cask ale available?