Boulevard Broo-hoo-hoo!

I just followed Bull E. Vard's lead and had a Long Strange Trippel, which he was "somewhat disappointed in..." BUT, he did lead me to a new Boulevard product that I may never have otherwise tried! It was (in my opinion) FAN-freakin'-TASTIC! I was up in the Northland getting a haircut after work and Bull called to have me meet him at Harry's in the River Market. Good thing he did. I may not have otherwise spent the $15 on that beer if I was sitting alone at a bar. Yes, $15. It broke my going-out-budget for the next two months, but it was well worth it!

Our amigos, Chambord and her boyfriend Weston, showed up to drink with us. I was so proud of Weston when he ordered a Boulevard Sixth Glass (yeah, $15) and then toasted us by saying, "Drinking isn't a sport, it's a JOB. So, drink professionally."

He's my new bero!

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