Bull E. Vard Boulevard Awards

I picked up the 4th and final of the Boulevard Smokestack Series the other day at Rhyno Liquor, Bull E. Vard's favorite liquor store. I was saving, what I hoped would be my favorite, for last, the Saison. I have a long and storied history with saisons, trying my first one at Schlafly's in St. Louis. A love affair was born. Maybe it speaks to the French blood pumping through me, I don't know, but I've never had a bad saison.

The Boulevard Saison did not disappoint. I loved it. I only made one mistake I didn't let it get to cellar temperature and it affected it negatively. As it warmed and the flavors came out to play, the saison really made me happy. Plus, if you're one to want to not feel loopy after drinking a really good big beer, the Saison is the Boulevard Smokestack to drink since it weighs in at only 6.2% alcohol, a far cry away from The Sixth Glass' 10.5%.

Now that I've tried all 4, I can give my rankings. I know all you dear readers have been waiting for the First Annual Bull E. Vard Boulevard Smokestack Awards, so here goes.

Beer of the Year: Sixth Glass, it's going to take something pretty special to knock the Sixth Glass from this perch. Looks like a dynasty in the making.
Smokestack rankings: Sixth Glass, Saison, Double Wide IPA and the Long Strange Trippel. Trippel was the only one I was somewhat disappointed in, it was a mild disappointment, but a disappointment nonetheless.

Boulevard was also kind enough to send the Bull E. Vard family a Christmas card this year. They didn't have to do that, the Smokestack Series is gift enough. Maybe for next year's awards I can try the 4 in the signature Smokestack Series glassware.

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