Vinino is OPEN

Vinino, in the Power & Light district is now open. I wasn't too excited about this place, which is right next to McFadden's on Grand, until I read this in the Star.
Vinino, a southern European wine bar and bistro, is the latest concept to open in the Kansas City Power & Light District.

It features two bars — one in front of the pizza oven that features a granite top and a corrugated steel front and the other with a facade made of bed headboards. Other design features in the restaurant include a tin ceiling, artwork with melted wine bottles and a lounge alcove for a couple or small group.

“Bar chefs” on Thursday were fine-tuning specialty concoctions, including one drink that was like a liquid chocolate-covered cherry. Other special options will be a whiskey sour made with pomegranate juice; cetriolo made with Hendrick’s gin, a cucumber, simple syrup and a splash of soda; and a blood orange Vinino bellini made with Mionetto Prosecco.

The operation includes an extensive wine list, more than 30 wines by the glass, “liberal” wine samples, Italian beers and coffee liqueurs.

I dig anyplace that gives bartenders cool names like "bar chefs" or the more common mixologist. Usually you can get an original cocktail, which I have a weakness for, and you always get quality mix ingredients such as fresh squeezed fruit juices and exotic liquers.

Still, I think I'm just going to hit 75th Street Brewery after work today.

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