75th Street Brewery Porter

I got my first firkin email from 75th Street Brewery:

Get your jolt by the pint at 75th Street Brewery

UP ALL NITRO ESPRESSO PORTER will be on tap starting

Monday 11/12 @ 5:30p.m

It's got our brewers running circles around the other guys - literally. This is a brew that will give you stamina...

Power to the pint!

This espresso porter began simply enough: a beautiful, dark-brown brew with hints of red on the sides of the glass. The aroma is all grown up: an perfect balance of roasted coffee and toasted malts. The taste has go power: it is a complex blend of nine malts and two varities of local Roasterie espresso beans. The sweetness of the malt is trailed by a smooth bite of coffee.

We're pouring this beer with our own nitro system to add a tasty, creamy texture that rounds out the flavor.

If you like exquisite coffee and quality beer [why settle for less?], we dare you to be disappointed by this brew - it's for you.

Stop in Monday @ 5:30p.m. for a pint of UP ALL NITRO ESPRESSO PORTER. Then change the world.


I really enjoy both porters and Roasterie coffee what could be better than a mix of the two. I'll see y'all Monday night.

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