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Just because I would hate for nobody to ever read this, this drunken rant by Bill was left on the Studio Bar (parte dos) post.
Here is my true drunken rant. I went and checked out karaoke night on Thursdays. Not a huge selection, but they do have the most Michael Buble songs I've ever seen in a karaoke book. And they also have Magic Man by Meart. No, I didn't type that wrong, that's what the book actually says.

So I got to sing one song, the second song broke and they didn't put me up with my replacement song before the Garth concert let out. Here's the funny part. Around the time the concert let out it was like they were trying their hardest to get the concert goers in. They took one of the monitors off the stage and put it out the back door. They started playing a lot of country. They even had sprint center shots on special. I'm not even gonna talk about the people who came in from the concert except for this. Just because you're seeing Garth, does not mean you have to slap on the black with rust colored shapes shirt that you wore back in 96 over your fat pasty belly. Anyway they pretty well ditched those of us who'd been there all night for the new crowd, so I didn't get to sing again. I'm going to try this place out again for karaoke night when there isn't a concert going on. Because after several beers, I get a little cranky about my karaoke.

I have a small notebook thing that I keep in my coats, so it really only comes out in the winter. It's fun to read things that I wrote in there last year. And I found out the next morning, it's also fun to read things you wrote a couple hours into a $2 PBR special. I can't turn down a special, and as the night wore on it was easier to just ask for another than trying to come up with a new beer. Anyway, the entries from last night slowly get more and more incoherent and my handwriting got even worse if that's possible.

First Entry 11/08/07, roughly 8:45:

Here I am at Studio. 11 something and McGee. Right up the street
from where I was Tuesday. I may get mugged on the way home. Decent
bar, long room, bad neighborhood. Might not catch on. Meh, we'll see
if I get home. Karaoke.

These next entries must have been between around 10:30 and midnight.
They get a little tough to read:

Alright, so why this place won't last. They play to the Sprint Center
crowd, which is fine, but they play exclusively to that crowd excluding regulars. Contempt for the audience. Garth is only in town this week.

Still shunning those who put in their songs earlier. Shunnnnnnnnnn.
(I actually wrote out a bunch of n's)

Asked to tab out. Says it, I guess. Good location; bad impression.
(the word impression is almost impossible to read)

The whole thing kind of made me laugh and doggone it, it was informative. I don't know who Bill is but I'll bet he's a hell of a singer.

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