The Studio Bar (parte dos)

Although Bull and I didn't have the greatest first experience last Thursday afternoon at the Studio Bar downtown (see previous post below), I ended up going back last night with some friends. They'd suggested we go to the 13th Street Bar and Grill on the corner of Oak, and I was up for that having never been before. I'm always up for checking out new bars. The 13th was closed on Saturday night, which I thought was pretty weird, being a bar and all. Hope they change their evil ways once this arena and entertainment district gets about being asleep at the wheel! So I told my friends we should swing by the Studio for drinks and food. They'd never heard of it before so we all went with the notion...

"My peeps" were pleased with the beer slection, and thank God they didn't order a Bud Light. My friends have better taste and ordered Boddington's and Peroni. I stuck with the traditional PBR, which is always a good call over Bud any day. The menu is reasonably priced and our orders came out quickly. Granted, we were the only four in the bar at the time, and there was no body else in our way on our quest for good eats! And Bull, I have to apologize, but I unfortunately didn't order the standard club sandwich, but went with the fried cod sandwich instead. It was great! And almost too much food to eat. The club will have to wait until next visit. It's almost always my first choice, but the cod happend to speak to me this time, so I went with that instead. Everyone else was pleased with their orders as well.

As we ate, the band was getting set up ready to play, but we had to leave so couldn't stay to partake of their surely amazing tunes. On the way out we'd noticed that the bar had actually filled in quite a bit with music-hungry patrons, but a hunch tells me that they were merely "close acquaintances of the band." I'm hoping the place does well, because I think I kind of like the bar. It sure grew on me the second time around. Perhaps it was just "too dead" during the daylight hours. It seemed more sterile and "cafeteria-y" right after work. The place seemed to transform after dusk into a more traditional pub/live music venue. The stage is great, and it seems like the perfect place for local bands to show off their goods. So, the scoop? My friends and I really liked the Studio and said they'd all be going back. The sevice was good, but I wonder if it'd be the same if we weren't the only table with active orders?

Oh, and another thing. It's only a couple blocks from the Sprint Arena. So, it will be another great place to hop to on those drunken nights wandering, er, stumbling the urban core.

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