75th Street Brewery Seasonals

I made it over to the wonderful 75h Street Brewery yesterday afternoon armed with my laptop and a real strong thirst for some cask beer. Alas, they did not have a cask early on a Monday afternoon. So I asked what they had as seasonals, they had a pale ale that I didn't catch the name of, a pumpkin ale and Reverend Waldo's Abbey Ale. I drank a couple of Belgians over the weekend so I was going to have to try the pale ale. While the bartender poured me my beer I fired up the laptop to do some work while sitting at the bar. The Wifi at 75th street worked wonderfully, unlike at the Brick where I couldn't get a connection.

The barkeeper brought me my seasonal pale ale which I still don't know the name of because the bartender didn't actually open his mouth when he spoke. Luckily the beer was better than the bartender and has a faster 40 time (I wish I had a better joke there, I really do, the bartender was overweight, that's what I'm trying to say). I mulled over whether I should order a pretzel, I hadn't eaten lunch because I knew I would be in the proximity of a Chik-fil-a after my appointment, but when the time came to eat mor chik'in, I couldn't pull the trigger. So now I was halfway through a pint and really kind of hungry. I decided against the pretzel, even though it is a great menu item, I'm not sure why more bars don't have them as appetizers. I got through some emails and enjoyed the rest of my beer. The seasonal pale ale is one of 75th Street's better beers, order one while supplies last.

Next up I decided to try the pumpkin. I'm trying to talk myself into liking pumpkin beer, but I don't really. I don't think the flavor matches up well with beer making it a very difficult beer to get to taste right. Sad to say, 75th Street Brewery was not up to the challenge. It tasted weak, like it was a small brew (made from the second runnings of a full bodies beer mash). The pumpkin really distracted me from the other flavors so I can't accurately describe them. But, I do know, the other flavors weren't that good either. Stay away from the pumpkin Charlie Brown.

I couldn't leave 75th Street on a bad note so I stuck around and tried the Reverend Waldo Abbey. I was a little disappointed it wasn't served in a goblet like you would get for any Belgian ale. But, even with the pint glass, the Abbey was very good.

75th Street Brewery is always a good time, this time was a little disappointing but it was 2:30 on a Monday, I think the second teamers were working. You should probably go a little later in the day, but the thing that makes 75th Street Brewery so great is that it's a great hang. The regulars are always in there chatting up the bartenders. Go, sit at the bar and find a friend, or take your laptop and surf the web. No matter your intentions, the beer is always good.

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