Good Day

This has been a rather good day already and it's only 9. I got back from talking to a couple of coworkers and sitting next to my laptop were 2 big bottles of beer, Delirium Tremens (on tap at Grinders) and Avery Brewing's Salvation. Apparently my work bud, Hazed and Infused, felt that I needed more beer to drink.

Unrelated really to beer, but I saw last night that the Baseball Hall of Fame was naming an award after Buck O'Neill so this morning I was looking for a reaction from Joe Posnanski on the web (Joe is the best newspaper sports columnist around). I had gone to a book signing for "The Soul of Baseball" and he spoke about how he wanted the Hall of Fame to honor Buck, and a lifetime achievement award was what he wanted. I found that he's been writing a new blog, Joe Blog, and I've been missing out. So now I have some reading to do over the next couple of days as well as a couple of nice beers to drink.

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