River Market Brewery

You know, since I spend a lot of time in downtown KC, I really want to like the River Market Brewery, but it's one of those places that always disappoints. Their bartenders don't really talk up the beer and seem annoyed if you ask them questions, which I'm prone to do. Also, there's always an off duty employee sitting at the bar smoking talking to the bartender (probably resulting in being annoyed at me wanting to talk). The worst offense of all, though, is their beer just isn't very good.

We had a stout, which tasted alright, real chocolatey, but smelled a bit like feet after they walked through kitty litter. The strawberry blonde was a bit like a strawberry Fanta, with a more subtle taste, I'd rather have the Fanta. The River Market Red was alright, but had that same aftertaste as their other beers, not pleasant (gotta be the yeast). Now the bartender did allow us a taste of the seasonal they're unveiling tomorrow (I had to flash her to get a sample, I feel dirty). I must say it was pretty good, it's a bock called something like Der Liefsbefallen Bock (I'd know the real name if they updated their website). But, I'm afraid a full glass would wear on me the same as their other beers.

I also don't know how they stay open, they're not really pulling in the crowds. I think a grand total of 10 people were in the restaurant and I'm not sure but I think 3 of them work there but were drinking off duty. I think this is a case for Gordon Ramsay. We need someone to restore the River Market Brewery to what it could be.

Happy Hour

Monday-Friday 4p-6p
$2 Wells & $3 Pints
1/2 Price Spin Dip & Nachos

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