OC, Bonefish and Lunar Ale

I've had some minor points to post about but couldn't get myself to write much more than the minimum sentence or two and I just want to get them out there.

First off, Stella and I dropped into the Old Chicago (Olathe) in the multiplex parking lot for a beer while we were waiting for the 8 0'clock showing of "Knocked Up" (the astute reader will recognize a joke from another post that was blatantly ripped from the movie, I will give whichever reader is the first to email me that joke, a brand new, never used hot sauce packet from KFC). I have one of those great little beer cards, but I'm not as cool as Chimpotle who has already completed a tour. I struggle because I tend to drink the seasonal or staff recommendation beers. Side note, I really suck at writing short posts. The OC is a little bland, corporate place but I like their beer menu and it's always fun to sit in front of 20 taps. My recommendation is to do just that, sit at the bar and hope the tall bartender (at least 6'5") is working. He was great to talk to, gave me a solid beer tip (Xingu, from Brazil). But he gave me the greatest beer tip of all when he opened up a bottle. Forgive me if you already know this or have seen it, but I was amazed and couldn't wait to try it. Stick the lid to the underside of your forearm lift up and twist. The fatty part of your skin will produce enough resistance to pop it open. Best of all (I tried it immediately when I got home), it doesn't hurt at all and is easier than just using your hand (first time for that). This obviously only works with twist offs. Speaking of Old Chicago, why can't Rock Bottom (the owner of OC) close one of the area OC's and open a Rock Bottom Brewery in town. That way, I don't have to go to Rock Bottom every time I'm in Chicago. Seems like a great deal to me.

Second, this one is shorter, Stella and I went to Bonefish in Leawood the other night. While we were perusing the wine list, our waitress informed us that we can take any unfinished bottle with us. Apparently the prudes in the Kansas legislature came to the conclusion that it is better for people to take an open bottle of wine home (I'm sure Bonefish has to put some sort of seal on it) than to spend the last 10 minutes of your restaurant visit trying to finish off a bottle of wine. Good work KS legislature.

Third, I give you this article in Pitch about Boulevard having trouble keeping their Lunar tap handles in bars. They are being challenged by a brewery in St. Louis, no not that one, Schlafly. Interestingly, to me at least, I was wearing a Schlafly's shirt while I read the article and I contemplated going to John's Big Deck Friday evening for the beer mentioned in the article (this was before I read the story). Schlafly's is a really good brewpub in St. Louis, I highly recommend it if you're looking for some good beer in downtown St. Louis.

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