Saison-Brett One last hurrah

I was finally able to get some closure in my mourning process of Saison-Brett. Jeremy Danner tweeted that S-B, is gone for 2019, but it “will not be retired or discontinued.” Then last Thursday, Barley’s Brewhaus in Shawnee had a 4 year vertical tasting. I just found out about it the day of so I didn’t have time to alert the masses to this majestic evening.

They had 2015-2019 on draft and it was as amazing as it sounded. A 13 oz pour was $7, and a 5 oz was $3.50, but only the faint of heart would get a small pour. The vertical tasting was so beloved that all 3 Myces brothers were in attendance, and took the next day off. I was shedding so many tears of joy I had to put on a bib, and cover my tulip glasses to prevent contamination my beer. We spent a full 3 hours at Barley’s reminiscing about the glory days of Saison-Brett, and trying to figure out what to change our names to.

Of the 4 beers, 2016 was by far the best and had the most “funk.” 2015, was a bit flat as one can expect from a 4 year old beer, while the 2018 version had just a bit of sweetness. It was great to sample these works of art side by side, and notice the subtle differences. Hopefully we can find another bar with a vertical flight soon.

I’ll also mention their food was awesome. I had never eaten at Barley’s before and on a recommendation I got the 7 hour slow-roasted pork. It complemented the beer amazing well, and I will definitely order it again if I’m ever back to Barley’s.

Brett A. Myces
2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 from Left to Right

The price list

The delicious 7 hour slow-roasted pork

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