Where to go for Craft Beer in Lawrence Part 2

Where to go for Craft Beer in Lawrence Part 2

23rd Street Brewery

I am just a bit too young to remember Cheers, but have a good idea what it means to be a regular at a bar. While I frequent places far too infrequently to be a regular anywhere, 23rd Street Brewery would be the place I attend most often. 23rd Street Brewery got its start in 2006 and is not to be confused with the previous tennant of 3512 Clinton Parkway Lawrence, KS.  75th Street Brewery.

Happy Hour:
In all honesty the 3:00-5:00 Happy Hour special is what keeps me coming back.
Sunday - Friday 3:00-5:00 $1.50 10oz pours.
You read that right, this almost sounds too good to be true (it used to be $1.00 for a 10oz). 
The 3:00-5:00 Happy Hour also includes a $5 flatbread pizza that is delightful, $4 pretzels, and $6 half order of nachos. 
There are other great specials throughout the week that include $3.25 pints, $7 pitchers, Growlers 2 for $10. Here is a link to the rest of 23rd Street Brewery's Specials

I really enjoy the seasonal offerings from 23rd, and now is the perfect time to visit. The Endless Summer Hazy IPA is a great take on a trendy but still utterly enjoyable style. I am also a huge fan of Marzen style beers available during the fall and am really enjoying the Hawktoberfest. The Pumpkin Ale is nice without being overpowering with pumpkin. Both brown ales are enjoyable as well. As far as the flagship beers are concerned, I really enjoy both wheats with Wave the Wheat being my favorite of the two. 23rd also makes great use of the untapped app. Their menu is always updated and they even post beers that are coming soon (on deck) for people to look forward too. 

Flagship Beers
Crimson Phog Irish Red Ale
Bitter Professor IPA
Wave the Wheat Ale
Rock Chalk Raspberry Wheat
Current Seasonal Offerings
Fresh Hop Rye Pale Ale
Endless Summer Hazy IPA
Pumpkin Ale
Bartertown Brown
Hazelnut Brown

23rd Street is usually busy but never crowded and is a fit for all occasions. I can bring my kids for a couple burgers or pizzas, my wife for a nice dinner, or meet friends on a weekend to watch a game. The variety and quality of the food (menu) is also very underrated in Lawrence.

Soap Box Alert (Sorry). While I am enjoying this new "artisan" movement that focuses on quality and locality. I absolutely would much rather go to a local brewery or local restaurant versus a chain. The only hesitation or issue I have is that the cost of some local "artisan" places is getting way out of hand. I have never worked in the service industry and surely have no experience working in a brewery. However, I do know that $6 for a pint of beer is way outside my price range and incentive enough for me to order a glass of water that night. 23rd Street is extremely reasonable with their prices and allows me to have drinks with my wife or a couple friends and not break the bank.

23rd Street Brewery has the right combination of great beer, food, and atmosphere. While it can be easy to overlook anything not located downtown when visiting Lawrence, I encourage you not to overlook 23rd.

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