Irish Adventures: Killarney Brewing Company

The sign in front of Killarney Brewing Company
As mentioned earlier the Myces family took a trip to Ireland. I must admit, I did drink a copious amount of Guinness while there, but still had time to drink plenty of craft beer and Irish whiskey. Mrs. Myces didn’t want the trip to turn into a huge craft beer drunk fest, so I had to limit my breweries and distilleries.  Luckily for us, drinking is allowed in public.  So if we wanted to try a craft beer, but didn't have the time to sit at the bar, we would order our beers for "take away" and wander around the town.  Driving under the influence is a major no-no, and they have zero tolerance, so don't even consider the idea, plus you are driving on the left side of the road, and on the right side of the car. Luckily there are taxi cabs EVERYWHERE, so transportation was never a problem

The logo for their Devil's Helles
 The brewery that came the closest to an “American style” brewpub would be the Killarney Brewing Company. They had a traditional brewpub setup where one could sit at the bar while enjoying a view of their brewing equipment.  The seating was cozy, with space for approximately 50 people, but they had a large patio for overflow seating. They also made delicious pizza in their wood fired oven and had a gift shop for all your craft beer needs. Six year round beers were on draft along with 2 seasonals: A Helles, Blonde, 2 IPA’s, Irish Red, an Extra Stout, a Belgian Farmhouse, and an Oktoberfest. Of the 3 beers I tried, the Belgian Farmhouse was my favorite, with the Helles a close second.

From my limited perspective it seems like the Irish craft beer scene is relatively new. I did not see many “exotic” craft beers available like Sours, Gose, or Barrel Aged beers. While most of the bars had one or two craft beers, the rest were your standard European beers, (Guinness, Smithwicks, Carlsburg, etc) Maybe it was just my personal bias towards the American beers, but I felt a lot of their beers were good, but not great. I would love to go back to Ireland in a few years and check how their craft beer evolution continues. Stay tuned for more Irish adventures.

Brett A. Myces and Mrs. Myces

A pint of the Devil's Helles and Oktoberfest, please ignore Mrs. Myces wine glass in the background

Your view if sitting at the bar

Your view if sitting at the bar, but facing backwards

The gift shop for all the swag you could want
A sign with all their beer styles

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