2017 KC Nanobrew Festival

This Saturday is the annual gathering of all things homebrew. What started in a backyard is now a huge festival with over 100 participants and almost 2000 fest goers. This year the beer menu is over 300 unique and one of a kind beers. Don't delay this sells out every year. Ticket information can be found here. http://www.kcnanobrews.com/2017-kc-nanobrew-festival/

Every year I try to help you go seek out some of the best homebrewers out there and also some of the up and comers

Schu's Nanobrew Recommendations:

If you love the Hoppy Beers you are in good luck. There are so many hop varieties and styles for homebrewers to experience with you shouldn't have any trouble finding a beer to please your palate. There will be plenty of trendy New England style / Hazy beers. Two that you should try is Tim Ryan's (Cracking Cask) Cloudy Delight. Cloudy Delight is a NE IPA, Double Dry hopped with Citra hops served from a cask. The other is Jeremiah Fiegl's (Schematic Brewing) #UnicornFarts. Drink it for the name alone. If you are a hater of hazy beers, Dave Hukill (divergent ales) is back with his classic IPA, Sly Fox. If you love the dank, Michael Wells (Eye for an Eye) is doing a Grateful Dead theme and will be offering. Jerry's Hemp Pale Ale. Finally go find the Jackalope and get a selfie with it and while you are at it try Jackalope Tears Black IPA from Kevin Thuringer (Lost Dakota).

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Hate Hops that's okay there are lot of malty easy drinking lagers to try instead. Brian Smith (Headbangers Brew) always makes a great Helles. Bart Campbell (Helpful Boxer) will be serving Do-Re-Mi Vienna Lager. The boys from Middle Ground Zymurgy and Tapwork (Mac and Devin) will have a tasty Kolsch called Circadian. Tony Diplacito (Orgination) has a wonderful Munich Dunkel. Finally go check out the array of Lagers that Matt and Rusty (Ales vs Lagers) have. I'm firmly on #TeamLager.

Are you into Belgian Beers? Scott Akerson (Copperleaf) has one of the best named Saisons at the festival, Le Mauvis oeil De Forest Whitaker. Richard Cartwright (9 Foot Brewing) will have a wonderful Belgian Golden called, Le Seducteur. Courtney and Brandi Servaes (Servaes Brewing with Critter) will be serving a Kiwi Tart Table Saison. David Stuck (Libre) makes a great saison called Do me a Solid. Finally you can never go wrong with Chris Roberts (Red Crow) Isabelle, a perfect Belgian Blonde.

Plenty of Dark beers on the menu. Brian and Andrew Jones (Rusty Tin) have been making a name for themselves and will have several Dark Beers but Sloppy Secounds Dry Stout is one of their best. Long time Nanobrew participate Matt Berkley (Two Matts) will have a Barrel Aged Tropical Stout that I'm looking forward to trying. Steve and Erica Williams (Williams NKC) will have a coffee and vanilla stout called Morning Woodie. Named after everyone's favorite drinking buddy Woodie Bonds.

Want to Pucker up at the fest? There is going to be some excellent sour beers to go try but honestly head to these three tents first. Jonathan and Pippin Williamson of Sandhills Brewing, Grant Waner of Underground Fermentation, and Andrew Grumke of Medley Ale Works make the best sour beers out there in our homebrew community. They also love to talk all things sour, not to be missed.

Looking for something different and creative? Rick Borkowski (Sharkey's) will be having a beach party and will have lots of tropical radlers, Looking forward to try Ferdinand Del Dulce by Jim Dore (Beer Farm). Taylor Jones (Trip Six) will have a lot of different hoppy beers but I've got my eye on that Watermelon Liberty Wheat. Robert Rys (Supernatural) will once again have his multiple award winning Jalapeno Ale but this year it will be served out of a Firkin. I always enjoy the ciders that Cole Bolte (FAKECidery) makes. Really looking forward to having not one, but two soon to be open Meadery's, Kaw Point and Celtis. Finally myself (SchuBrew) and Jon Morman (Six foot Six)  are competing to serve the biggest beer at the fest. Jon is serving an 18% EIS-Barleywine and I'm serving a 19% Barrel Aged EIS-Quad with cherries called Absurd.

Again there are over 300 beers to choose from and the quality level of homebrewers seems to get better every year. So I would encourage you to look through the menu and try some things you know you will like but also try some things you have never had. Who knows you might find something new you might love. https://untappd.com/v/kc-nanobrew-festival/6127020

What beers are you looking to try?

KC Nanobrew Festival Tips to have fun

Eat a big breakfast and lunch before coming. Need a full stomach to soak up all the great beer.

Drink Water. There will be water available. Plan on bringing a water bottle and some gatorade. Try drinking water after every 2-3 beers to stay hydrated and happy

Ask for small pours. You do get a full glass doesn't mean you want a full glass of everything. Small pours will allow you to try more beer.

Talk to the Brewers. Most of the brewers are looking for real feedback on their beer. Be honest but gentle. This year will feature a new app to rate beers that the brewers will get to see. Brewers love to talk about their process. Don't be afraid to ask questions

Talk to others. One of the best part of a festival is meeting new people.

Leave no Trace. We have a beautiful park to enjoy. Let's make sure we leave it better than we found it.

Have a plan to get home. Do Not Drink and Drive. There will be plenty of Ubers around also City Market is a short walk to go get something to eat afterwards and give yourself a chance to sober up.

Have fun don't be an A hole. No one likes an A hole.

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