UPDATE - Monday, Feburary 3 - 5:30 PM
Tomorrow has been canceled due to the impending winter storm. Just gives us more time to call your reps!

UPDATE - Monday, Feburary 3 - 1:45 PM
Phillip Bradley has indicated that the bill will come to the House Floor for a vote tomorrow. Keep calling your reps!

The Kansas homebrewing community needs your help. New legislation is coming up to ease restrictions on Kansas Homebrewers. If you didn't know, in the State of Kansas, homebrewing is legal but the law basically states you are allowed to homebrew but only for your self and family in your household. Which essentially means you may not share with friends and families outside your home, transport it outside your house, or have competitions/events with other homebrewers. There has been an effort for a few years now to get new legislation to ease these restrictions.

Right now there is new legislation in the house: HB 2223. We need all Kansas Residents to contact your local House Representatives. You can find contact information here.

When you contact them please communicate these talking points:
Please support House Sub. for HB 2223 when it appears above the line for floor debate and action.
Please ask their fellow legislators to vote for this bill.
To contact Senators they know to support the bill when it arrives there.

Once you have contacted them please send an email to the Kansas Homebrewers Alliance lobbyist, Phillip Bradley, so he can follow up:
Philip Bradley

Direct link to HB 2223

Kansas Homebrewers Alliance

If politicians truly believe in Freedom they should have no issue supporting this bill.

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