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When one thinks of smoking cigars, most people envision pairing them with a liquor of some sort.  I’ve paired cigars with scotch, rum, whiskey, and bourbon to varying degrees of success.  However, I thought it would be fun to pair a few cigars that I enjoy with some local beers.  I’ll then give you my best cigar/liquor pairing of all time.  Hell, this article might be a good start for Father’s Day presents for those of you who haven’t bought anything yet!  No more ties!
Pairing #1:  Cigar:  Drew Estate Undercrown Gran Toro.  Price About $9.
        Beer:    Torn Label Alpha Pale Ale
            I love to smoke barbecue.  I love to smoke cigars while doing it.  Once I have things well underway in the smoker, I usually like to have a beer and a cigar while I watch the smoke rolling.  I had this pairing, and boy it didn’t disappoint.  This cigar comes in both a maduro wrapper, which is darker, and a Connecticut wrapper, which is lighter and a bit smoother.  I had the Connecticut wrapper with this pairing.  It was a nice experience!  The quality of this cigar is outstanding.  I smoked it down to the nub.  The beer is a crisper version of a typical IPA/pale ale that you would definitely want to drink in a hot setting. 

I actually met Jonathan Drew at an Outlaw Cigar party in Overland Park.  The guy is awesome and great to talk to.   He noticed that I wasn’t smoking a cigar, handed me a gran toro, and lit it up for me.  Who was I to say no?  For customer service, you really can’t beat the guys at the Outlaw.  They’ve been great to me every time that I’ve been in there.  They also do a lot of charity events for various groups, as well as supporting the military veterans out there.  They rule.  Nothing against the other cigar shops in the metro area, but this is my place. 
Pairing #2:  Cigar:  La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Belicoso.  Price:  About $8.50.
                    Beer:  Boulevard Bully Porter
            It may be a bit warm for some of you to try a dark beer in the heat of summer, but that’s what you’ve got me for.  The cigar is one of my favorites.  I’ve bought a couple of boxes of these over the years, and they are amazing.  They are medium to full bodied with a bit of spice to them, which is just the way that I like most of my cigars.  The bully porter by Boulevard goes really well with it.  It’s just a nice, smooth pairing. 

Pairing #3:  Cigar:  My Father’s Cigars:  Flor de las Antilles Toro.  Price:  About $7.50.
                    Beer:  Martin City Hard Way IPA
            Y’all, this is the way to go right here.  This cigar has won so many awards that it would take awhile to list them all here.  It’s a smooth cigar that has a hint of coffee and spices.  This cigar is on my short list for my next box purchase.  As for the beer, I consider it to be Martin City’s flagship beer.  I’m a sucker for IPA’s, and I think Martin City does a great job with theirs.  The experience with this pairing was quite nice at the end of a long day dealing with my children. 
Ultimate Pairing of all time:  Cigar:  Padron 1926 anniversary series Number 2.  Price:  About $30.
Liquor (I know, but humor me):  Bacardi Ron Solera Rum (Cuban).

            Don’t get me wrong, I am not in the habit of smoking $30 cigars.  For Christmas a few years ago, my wife purchased this cigar for me from Diebel’s on the Plaza.  I let that cigar stay in my humidor for a few years until I had the right opportunity to smoke it.  Last year, my wife and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary in Mexico.  We had a sitter watching the kids.  After dinner, I smoked this cigar with a rum I’d never had before.  It was awesome and amazing.  The cigar is the best cigar I’ve ever had, and I’ve smoked both a Cuban Cohiba Siglo IV and a Montecristo #2.  It is the best pairing I’ve personally ever had.  I also may or may not have brought some of that rum back with me from my last trip to Mexico.  By the way, a bottle of that rum is only about $16, so you won’t break the bank getting it, if you can find some. 

            Well, I hope that my cigar pairings helped you guys out there.  I’ll be out at Boulevardia at Taps and Tastes tomorrow.  Give me a shout at if you’d like to hang out while you’re there.  Until next time, cheers!

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