Taps, Taprooms and Tappings….So Many Choices!

Lukas Liquor....too many choices....does not compute... 
I am the worst person in the world at picking my beer. No seriously, I am the absolute worst. It’s not that I cannot find good beer, it’s that I take forever...to...pick. I could be at the best tap room or beer hall in the city, the most straight-forward local bar imaginable or the grocery store, and I will simply stand and/or stare for an inordinate amount of time as if stunned by the variety of great choices. Most reading this are probably thinking that it sounds as if I am just another beer-geek that likes to peruse before ordering. Trust me, it’s worse.

My wife, who is a kindergarten teacher, and typically affords me the vast amount of patience that most of her students require, even reaches her limit. “You are the worst”, she says as she drinks the beer that she ordered five minutes earlier while my eyes continue to scan and re-scan the shelf/beer list/untappd board. I just nod my head and keep mumbling to myself about my options. Fortunately for all concerned it is craft-beer that I love and most of the retailers, bartenders, and servers that help me just smile, nod and offer opinions. I love this about our community.

This sense of community and the taprooms that foster it is as much a passion of mine as the beer itself. Do not mistake me, I love beer and I continue to be intrigued by the variety styles and flavors that are made available. But for my wife and I, the discovery of a new place to drink those beers, meet new people, and watch others experience the same things we are is the real joy. These experiences are what I enjoy writing about and sharing with others.

So the first place I want to write about is my favorite. Grains & Taps in Lee’s Summit definitely benefits from its proximity to me, but the consistently outstanding selection, service, and appreciation for its customers are awesome. It always gets its hands on the hard to find beers and all employees are able to offer educated opinions on every beer on the gigantic Untappd boards. A lot of you reading this have probably heard of or been to Grains & Taps in the past, but I write this in part so that we can support a great part of our craft beer community during a [minor] crisis.

Grains & Taps had a small attic fire on February 19, 2018. The actual fire damage was not too extensive but the damage from smoke and the water to put out the fire have caused them to close for a while. They are providing updates on their Facebook, page, so keep checking there. However, Grains & Taps will still be holding and hosting the Blarney Brew Off on March 17, 2018. This is a great event and each ticket gets you beer, entertainment, and tremendous interaction with homebrew experts and local cicerones.Tickets are limited so buy as early as you can.

You can find tickets to the Blarney Brew Off here:

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