You Heard it Here First -- AleSmith Coming to KC!

AleSmith coming to the KS side of KC in mid-May.
One of the best breweries in the world is finally coming to the KC Metro! AleSmith Brewing Co from San Diego just signed a deal with Standard Beverage to start distribution of their beers on the Kansas side of the state line. The beers should hit the shelves about two months from now in mid-May.

AleSmith is near legendary in the craft beer world, being one of the first truly world class breweries to emerge from the US craft brewing scene in the late '90s. AleSmith's Speedway Stout has been consistently rated in the top 25 beers in the world since I can remember first logging onto RateBeer and BeerAdvocate back in the day. And in contrast to a lot of brands that have lost some of their allure once widely distributed, AleSmith has maintained their sterling reputation among craft beer geeks across the country. 

Until now the closest place you could buy AleSmith was Colorado. The brewery expanded in the typical fashion from San Diego up the West Coast, East Coast, and Great Lakes states in addition to Texas and Colorado. But now the brewery will be available from the KS side of the metro over to Lawrence and down to Wichita. Stay tuned to KCBB for updates on which beers they're bringing and when and where they'll be available! 

The full press release is included below:

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